Design of sanitary plumbing systems, fire extinguishing systems, pressurized air systems and industrial plumbing.

About Us

Helman Engineering Consultants Ltd. is owned by engineer Helman Michael and Revital Bar. The company has employees with many years of experience in the design of sanitary plumbing systems, fire extinguishing systems with hydrants and sprinklers, pressurized air systems, industrial plumbing, heating systems, steam systems, medical gas systems, systems coordination (super-positioning) and environmentally friendly construction. Our firm is completely computerized with the most advanced programs, such as: AUTOCAD drafting, BENARIT – a program for writing up material quantities, GAA – a program for planning of sewage and drain pipe,
FIRE – hydraulic calculations for sprinkler systems and MASTER PLAN
a program  for managing projects.

The computers in the office are connected to a central network with local backup
as well as external backup with UPS backup power.

Our office is registered with the Ministry of Defense as supplier

Our firm is on permanent contract with many companies, including:
Zim centers, Clal insurance company, Nachshon – kitchen planners, Pelephone,
Bank Leumi and Super-Pharm.
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